Investor Site Visit


TRAVEL PERIOD : 25 - 28 April 2018
DEADLINE : 31 March 2018
PRICE : RM5,000.00 (subject to change)

A VIP & exclusive site visit to Metronic Global Halal Industrial Hub and the cities of Suining, Chongqing & Chengdu in China. The price is inclusive of air ticket and ground tour.


9:30AM : Arrival and Registration of Guests

25 May 2018 | Wednesday

8:15PM : Departure from KLIA Airport via MAS

26 April 2018 | Thursday

1:15AM : Arrival at Chongqing Airport
1:30AM : Check in Ming Xing Kang Nian Hotel
7:30AM : Breakfast
1:00PM : Lunch (Halal)
2:00PM : Meeting with Chongqing International Exchange Association
4:00PM : Chongqing City Tour
6:00PM : Dinner (Halal)
8:00PM : Chongqing Train Station Check In
9:07PM : Train to Suining
10:30PM : Arrival at Suining and Hotel Check In

27 April 2018 | Friday

7:00AM : Breakfast
10:00AM : Site Visit at Metronic Global Halal Hub
11:00AM : Site Visit at Custom
12:00PM : Site Visit at Modern Port
1:00PM : Lunch (Halal) / Discussion
2:00PM : Train Station Check In
3:25PM : Train to Chengdu
4:25PM : Arrival at Chengdu
5:00PM : Dinner (Halal) with Oversea Chinese Affairs Office
8:00PM : Hotel Check In

28 April 2018 | Saturday

7:00AM : Breakfast
10:00AM : Meeting with Chengdu International Exchange Association
12:00AM : Lunch (Halal)
1:30PM : Airport Check In
3:00PM : Departure from Chengdu Airport
7:45PM : Arrival at KLIA2 Airport via AirAsia (Dinner included)

Remark for ground fare:
Included 3 night 4 star hotel single supp (single bedroom), VIP bus with tour guide, Tipping, Travel Insurance, Train ticket (Chongqing/Suining/Chengdu), Meal Excluded: China Visa RM160