Presently, MGB Group, through its subsidiaries, specializes in IBMS and ISMS which encompass hardware and software required for the control and management of an intelligent building with components including heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, fire and security equipment.

The key drivers that are guiding the building/construction industry to adopt this technology are:

  • The onset of the network convergence of the CCTV, computers, alarm system nd access control with the advance technology of biometrics;
  • Prevalent use of internet and IP networking; and
  • The efficiency of the system as it saves time and travel cost

The integration of the building/industrial automation system security system has become one of the most popular methods used by many corporations in converging their existing system into an all encompassing system. Two (2) of the main components of the IBMS and ISMS are the hardware and the software solution. The hardware portion includes security devices such as CCTV, the video recording (either digital or analogue), access control and the intrusion devices. The software solution is an important feature which ensures that this equipment communicated and works coherently in a common personal computer-based environment.

The Group is presently a key player in the IBMS and ISMS industry in Malaysia and with its expertise in system integration and knowledge of advanced technology.

The current business divisions of the MGB Group are highlighted as follows:

IBMS Division

IBMS is an integration of Building Automation System, Access Control, Closed Circuit TV (“CCTV”) System and Addressable Fire Control & Monitoring System into one single intelligent system.

There are three sub-divisions as follows:

  • Building Automation System (“BAS”)
  • Java Based Control & Monitoring Software (“JBCM”)
  • Smart Home

ISMS Division

ISMS provides a high level security solution by integrating all the individual security systems like CCTV, Card Access, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, Door Monitoring System, Guard Tour System and Asset Tracking System into one single intelligent device.

e-PM Engineering Services Division

The Group is involved in the provision of engineering services specializing in the field of Mechanical and Electrical (“M&E”).

The Group is continually developing the Building M&E knowledge and expertise within the Group as part of the division’s objectives to be sufficiently prepared to be a competitive Design and Construct M&E Contractor.

Industrial Automation Division

The Group, through its strategic alliance with a Japanese partner is involved in the provision of industrial automation specializing in Automated Storage and Retrieval System (“ASRS”). The logistic solution offered by the Group focuses on efficient storage of goods while preserving their quality and facilitate smooth retrieval as and when needed. Some of the solutions offered help improve product quality during speedy inspection, perform multiple distribution centres with cross-docking facilities, enable the timely supply of large variety/high volume goods and demand can be ascertained in real time through the inventory control system.

ICT Support System Division

In order to diversify itself from automation business, the ICT support system division was established to complement its existing business activities and to broaden the value-added services provided.