Metronic Global Berhad (“The Company” or “MGB”) was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 on 22 October 2003. The Company was listed on MESDAQ Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 24 May 2004. The listing of and quotation for the entire issued and paid-up share capital of the Company was transferred to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 12 July 2007. MGB is principally an investment holding company. As at the date of this report, MGB Group consists of twelve (12) subsidiaries and three (3) associate companies. The MGB Group specialises in the system integration of intelligent building management system (“IBMS”) and integrated security management system (“ISMS”). Fundamental to this success is the Group’s mission to continually exceed customers’ increasing expectations. MGB Group focuses on building and integrating world-class technology to the market and is committed to continuously improve its quality, service and productivity.

The Evolution of the MGB Group
(a) The Origin – Building Automation
The origin of the MGB Group can be traced back more than two (2) decades when Metronic Engineering Sdn Bhd (“MESB”) was incorporated in August 1984 to provide building automation services specialising in the field of IBMS and ISMS. MESB subsequently expanded its business activities to include e-project management of mechanical and electrical services and supply of engineered systems. MESB carried products by principals such as TAC Controls Pte Ltd and Honeywell Integrated Security, USA which are amongst the world’s leading companies in IBMS and ISMS.

(b) The Early Years – Intelligent Buildings
In 1995, MISSB was incorporated to complement MESB’s existing business activities. MISSB is principally engaged in the procurement of contracts in relation to engineering work specialising in the field of IBMS and ISMS, and sales of engineered system. During the early years, MISSB played a pivotal role in nation building by providing state-of-the-art e-project management and system integration services for hospitals, office buildings, shopping complexes, airports, oil refineries and manufacturing plants. Over the years, the Group has leveraged its expertise to develop unique and innovative IBMS and ISMS products, solutions and services, mainly in the areas of “intelligent buildings”.

(c) The Evolution – Convergence of Technology
As technology progresses, intelligent buildings have evolved from mere stand-alone entities into interconnected hubs within the citywide infrastructure, known as “intelligent cities”. With the convergence of technology, stand-alone buildings are slowly forming into smaller, ecosystems comprising a tightly integrated network of buildings that better enable the management and optimisation of systems and resources. The driving force of the evolution of intelligent cities is the ability to reduce cost, optimise manpower utilisation and enhance service levels through aggregation, service integration and process automation.

(d) The Recent Years –
(i) Towards ICMS
Driven by similar factors, the MGB Group has made bold steps in adopting new technologies and investing in R&D to realise its vision as an Intelligent City Management System (“ICMS”) provider. In order to accelerate its involvement into ICMS, the Group established its ICMS division in 2006. There are six (6) companies under this division, which are servicing vertical markets including healthcare, mobile-commerce, data network infrastructure and performance contracting business respectively.

Metronic iCares Sdn Bhd (“MICSB”) was incorporated in March 2006 and is involved in the provision of a Third Party Administrator (TPA) & Managed Care Organisation (MCO) for healthcare sector via the connectivity applications & infrastructure for the exchange of transactional information through internet.

Metronic Mobile Services Sdn Bhd (“MMSSB”) (formerly known as FeelingK Malaysia Sdn Bhd) was incorporated in May 2006 with the intention to extend the Group’s services as a mobile Internet service provider for the deployment of Card Notification Solutions, Bulk Short Message Services and Voice Short Message Services including related consultancy, implementation and operations.

Metronic R&D Sdn Bhd (“MRDSB”) (formerly known as Trend Gate Systems Sdn Bhd) was incorporated in
December 2006 to be the Research and Development division of the Group.

The Company acquired 40% equity interest in Ariantec Sdn Bhd ("Ariantec”) in July 2007. Ariantec is a value added provider of data network infrastructure and managed security systems and solutions.

The Company acquired 60% equity interest in Adprima Sdn Bhd ("Adprima") in July 2007. Adprima carries out special projects management consultancy and performance contracting business.

The Company entered into an agreement in January 2008 with Goldis Berhad for the acquisition of 75% equity interest in IPanel Malaysia Sdn Bhd and 3 0% equity interest in IPanel Pte Ltd, Singapore to carry out is research, development, manufacturing, sale and distribution of electronic products and intelligent facilities management system.

The establishment and acquisition of these companies strengthen the Group’s position in the value chain towards becoming an ICMS provider. By converging newer technologies with the JBCM™ platform, the Group is able to provide a value-added proposition for its customers by enhancing and expanding its product applications.

In line with the Group’s plan to migrate as a provider of ICMS, these technologies will significantly enhance application security, manageability, reliability, and availability of any application while lowering the cost of operations for its customers.

(ii) Towards Global Progression
For geographical expansion, MGB Group has embarked on a series of acquisition strategies in 2006 and 2007 to complement the local markets. As at today, the Group has reached China, India, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Middle East countries.

Metronic Microsystem (Beijing) Company Limited, China (“MMBCL”) and Metronic Engineering Private Limited, India (“MEPL”) were incorporated in January 2005 and June 2005 respectively to expand and penetrate the China and India markets.

Metronic Australia Pty Limited (“MAPL”), an Australian company was incorporated in June 2006 to market and distribute automation and energy systems for the worldwide market.

The Company entered into a deed of partnership in June 2006 to set up a corporation in the Emirate of Dubai for the purpose of carrying out the business of intelligent building management system, integrated security management, e-project management of mechanical and electrical services and other related activities in the entire Middle-East and North African region.

In year 2007, the Company acquired 25% equity interest in Unilink Development Limited, an investment holding company incorporated in Hong Kong with investment in Hangzhou Heng-Ai Electronics Co Ltd (“Heng-Ai”), and Newtronics Hangzhou Co, Ltd (“Newtronics”). Newtronics is principally engaged in high volume printed circuit board assembly, cellular phone and other electronics products assembly whilst Heng-Ai is principally engaged in the assembly of mobile telecommunication component products. MGB has an effective equity interest of 20% in both Heng-Ai and Newtronics.

During year 2007, Unilink Development Limited also acquired 100% equity interest in Tracker Shine Limited
(BVI), an investment holding company that holds 100% equity in Vigorhood Photoelectric Shenzhen Co. Ltd
(“Vigorhood”). Vigorhood is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of digital cameras and related products certified by FCC and CE.

The Company incorporated Securetrax Solutions Pte Ltd (“Securetrax”) in Singapore in January 2007. The business activities of Securetrax are the development, distribution and marketing of a series of products relating to Home Land Security.
The Company incorporated a joint venture company known as Metronic Saudi Arabia LLC (“MSA”) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a local partner in Dec 2007. The business activity of the MSA shall be design, production and sale of engineered systems for the Information, Communication and Technology industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specialising in intelligent building management system and integrated security management system.